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A sport for all ages, kneeboarding is exactly how it sounds: kneeling on the board and riding the wake behind your speeding watercraft. It may sound overly simple compared to the standing variant, but kneeboarding can be just as technical for professionals looking for something a little different.
Prepare for your vacation with Lake Powell Rentals & Retail. For a single day or a whole week, you will love the feeling of the wind and the waves and want to come back for more!

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Before you rent a board, make sure it has the right fit for your weight and height. Make a reservation, and we guarantee that we will have your boards and gear ready for you when you arrive. If you have any questions about the types of boards, or what extras you will need, just ask.

Check Out These Locations for Kneeboarding and More

Like other extreme sports, kneeboarding needs two things: a fast boat and lots of space! Luckily for you and your entire vacationing group, Lake Powell has many marinas ready to serve as starting points and many more destinations to explore. If you’ve never visited Lake Powell before, give yourself some time to research the different marinas, and don’t hesitate to call our shop for advice on locations that are perfect for kneeboarding. We can also help you get a feel for the traffic that you can expect and the kinds of weather you might encounter throughout the season.
Kneeboarding is an activity for all ages. From experienced to professional, kneeling or standing, don’t forget to have a blast this summer with a kneeboard rental!
Antelope Canyon
In the weeks leading up to Memorial Day, Antelope Marina is the perfect place to begin your Lake Powell adventure! Just a stone’s throw away from the Page Municipal Airport and our shop, you can rent everything you need and head towards Wahweap Bay or north to Padre Bay and beyond. Antelope Canyon is too narrow for kneeboarding, but it won’t take long to travel to the perfect open water.
Bullfrog Bay
Located on the opposite end of the lake from Antelope Canyon, northeast next to Halls Crossing, Bullfrog Bay is not only an excellent place to begin your excursion, but it’s a great location to go kneeboarding and enjoy everything Lake Powell has to offer. With the many amenities available to vacationers, you will want to return to this marina year after year.
Wahweap Bay
Just north of Antelope Marina is Wahweap Bay and the Wahweap Marina. While we recommend visiting during a less busy season, the fact that Antelope Canyon and Wahweap Bay share marinas can decrease the traffic between the two. Whether you come from out-of-state or visit yearly, Wahweap is a destination you will enjoy time and time again. It also has many campgrounds and RV parks to make your vacation unforgettable.
Horseshoe Bend
As one of the most memorable natural wonders of the American Southwest, Horseshoe Bend demonstrates the power of the Colorado River and the effects of thousands of years of sandstone erosion. Arrive at just the right time, and you will see gorgeous red rock along with the yellow and orange of the setting sun. Don’t forget to bring your camera!
Is there a difference between wakeboarding and kneeboarding?
The essential difference is in how you ride the board. There are different boards to choose from, but as long as you have the right board for your height and weight, then your position is the only thing you really need to worry about.
In general, kneeboarding can be easier than wakeboarding, especially in the way you mount and float on the board while not moving. This makes kneeboarding a great option for kids just getting used to the water. Kneeboarding, however, is no substitute for learning how to wakeboard or wakesurf. Getting the right standing stance for these two extreme sports may make it difficult to choose. They’re all fun!
When is the best time of year to go to Lake Powell?
The busiest time of the year in Page, AZ, is in between Memorial Day and Labor Day. To avoid the crowds at the marinas and the groups of boaters, the best times of the year to visit are during the spring as the season opens and in late fall, just before the temperature falls too low. If you can, visit Lake Powell during the week instead of the weekend. This will free up wait times at the marina docks as well as the campgrounds.
Do you have any tips for staying safe while kneeboarding?
In general, the rules for staying safe for kneeboarding and swimming are similar. First of all, always wear your life jacket. Wear some kind of clothing under your life jacket to stay comfortable all day long and to protect yourself from sunburns. If you have trouble with your knees, do your best to rest in between rides and consider wearing a brace for better stability.
The wakes generated by boats can be very strong, especially to the inexperienced or the young. This is true even at low speeds. We advise all vacationers to stay as far away from land and the marina as possible and keep in mind the experience level of your riders. If they’ve never been kneeboarding, don’t buck them off the first wake!
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