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Speed Across the Waters of Lake Powell with Wakesurf Rentals

Ever wondered what type of board you need to tear across open water while wakesurfing? There’s a huge difference in the feel of the board depending on the board and rope handle you use. Simple wakesurf boards feature rounded tips and one or two fins beneath the rear. But some boards feature contoured designs on the rear of the board and up to five fins underneath for maximum stability. Try something new during your vacation this year with wakesurf boards for Lake Powell.
Wakesurfing is an extreme sport, but that doesn’t mean that kids and teenagers can’t try it themselves! Keep your boat at slow speeds for amateurs or rev up the engine and give the professional in your group a high-speed wave that will feel like the power of the ocean. Clinging onto the rope, letting go, and riding the wake is an exciting way to exercise; by the end of the day, you’ll be feeling the burn in your arms and legs!
Make your vacation awesome and rent wakesurf boards for Lake Powell from your expert vacation staff. At Lake Powell Rentals & Retail, we will get you geared up and ready to ride. If you’ve never gone wakesurfing and need more information before you head out to the lake, don’t hesitate to ask us for tips and tricks to help you have a great time.

Rental Rates

Rent your equipment for a day or a week with Lake Powell Rentals & Retail. Located in Page, AZ, we will have your order ready for your vacation at our shop.

Spend Your Day Wakesurfing on Lake Powell

From a gentle wave to a powerful wake, wakesurfing is a sport that everyone can enjoy! Before you go, don’t hesitate to ask us about the busiest seasons, the current crowds, and the weather conditions you might face on the lake. Here are a few locations you can start your journey and find great open water for wakesurfing.
Antelope Canyon
In the beautiful area of slot canyons and red rock, Antelope Canyon and Antelope Marina is the perfect place to begin your adventure. While crowded during the busy summer season, it is a great option for those that choose to arrive in early spring and fall. The open water is wonderful, with plenty of space to wakesurf and have fun! Don’t forget to explore the beautiful slot canyons on your vacation, though; they are some of the most beautiful natural rock formations in the world.
Horseshoe Bend
If you want to see the power of the Colorado River over thousands of years, there’s no better destination than Horseshoe Bend. Carved through the limestone erosion, this curved section of the Colorado River (curved like a horseshoe) is a must-see location while exploring Lake Powell. Beginning at Page, AZ, and Antelope Point, it’s only seven miles away from our shop.
Bullfrog Bay
As one of the largest bays at Lake Powell, Bullfrog Bay and Bullfrog Marina are great starting points for any extreme sport. The wide-open water is perfect even during the busy season. If you worry about crowds, however, you have other landing options in the bay, such as Halls Crossing. Additionally, Bullfrog Marina has all the essentials like restaurants, a grocery store, an RV park, and more.
Wahweap Bay
Located near Antelope Marina is Wahweap Marina and the river systems that head north from Page, AZ. The entire Glen Canyon National Park is open to the public during the summer, making this a great destination for an entire vacation. While busy during the summer season, Antelope Marina shares the numbers of vacationers. You should have no trouble finding a great open spot of water for wakesurfing here.
What equipment will I need to pick up before I go wakesurfing?
You need a wakesurf board that is appropriate for your height and weight. We can help you pick out the right equipment and vehicles as well, such as life jackets, boat pulls, and MasterCraft boats. From kids just learning how to surf to seasoned professionals looking for practice and excitement, we have gear for everyone.
Is there a difference between wakesurfing and wakeboarding?
Yes, there is! Wakeboarding is when you’re pulled by a boat and riding the wake of the watercraft through a cable. Wakesurfing requires letting go of the cable and riding the wave of the boat as far as you can. If you live too far away from the ocean, this is a great way to practice surfing before you do the real thing on a surfboard.
When is the best time of year to go wakesurfing?
So long as the temperature is warm enough, you can wakesurf almost any time during the vacation season. If you want to surf away from the crowd and other watercraft, it is best to come during the fall after everyone arrives during the heat of summer. Ideally, we recommend September through November when the lake is still warm enough to enjoy.
Do you have any tips for staying safe while wakesurfing?
In general, the rules for staying safe are the same for wakeboarding and boating. The wakes generated by boats can damage docked boats, not to mention the surfers riding the wake. We advise everyone to stay as far away from land and the marina as possible, keeping to the wide channels further out. It may surprise you how strong a boat’s wake can be!
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