Reasons to Spend Spring Break at Lake Powell

Lake Powell is often thought of as a summer destination, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a perfect place to go to beat the heat and enjoy boating, kayaking, and more. However, with spring break fast approaching, take advantage of Lake Powell as a perfect spring vacation destination.

In fact, spring might be the best time of year to go to Lake Powell. So, if you’re trying to plan a perfect getaway with family or friends this spring break, here are five reasons why you’ll want to spend your time off on Lake Powell.

Reason 1: It's Less Busy

While the Lake Powell area isn’t empty in the spring, it’s still less busy than during the summer. If you want space to explore with your group, spring break is the ideal time to stop by. You’ll be able to find the perfect spot to camp or hike, and you can even consider renting equipment from Lake Powell Rentals & Retails.

Reason 2: Perfect Temperatures

Lake Powell might be enjoyable in the summer, but it can be scorching. While this isn’t bad if you only want to be in the water, it’s easy to get sunburned or even dehydrated. In the spring, you can do pretty much every activity the lake has to offer without dealing with extreme temperatures.

The average temperature in April is 83 degrees, so you can still get in the water. But, it’s also much easier to go hiking or camping.

Reason 3: Spring Means Great Fishing

Do you love to fish? Whether you’re somewhat of an expert or just enjoy relaxing on the water, fishing is excellent during the spring. Many species spawn during springtime, so if you want to catch many fish, spring is a fantastic time to go. Plus, you won’t have to sit in the hot sun all day waiting for a fish to bite.

Reason 4: More Availability

Another significant benefit of visiting Lake Powell over spring break is availability. If you’re looking to rent a kayak, find a hotel, or book boating equipment, it’s easier to do so during spring than in the middle of summer. You’ll be able to plan the perfect activities for your group, and you won’t have to worry about rentals and excursions running out.

Reason 5: Many Activities Nearby

If you want to explore nearby areas, spring is the right choice. Within just a few hours of Lake Powell, you’ll find many National Parks, National Monuments, and outdoor areas. You can check out the landscape of the desert or hike to an arch or two.

Looking to plan your spring break? At Lake Powell Rentals & Retails, we make it easy to plan an exciting, comfortable trip with family and friends. Call us today to learn more.

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