How to Choose the Best Surfboat Rental at Lake Powell

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Enjoy Lake Powell with the Right Wakesurf Boat Rental

Lake Powell is a popular spot for families and friends to go on vacation. You could even call it an outdoor paradise because of its beautiful red rocks, gorgeous water, and balmy temperatures. But when you’re planning a trip to Lake Powell, one thing to keep in mind is that the majority of fun-filled activities there require a boat. If you don’t own a boat, you can easily rent a boat for the day to enjoy time on the water at Lake Powell. Even though you can wait until you arrive at the lake to rent a boat, finding your boat in advance promises a much better experience. You can always book your boat rental ahead of time through an abundance of boat rental companies in the area, such as Lake Powell Rentals & Retail.
At Lake Powell Rentals & Retail, we have a variety of surfboats for you to choose from for your trip to Lake Powell. While some vacationers may know exactly what kind of boat they want, others may not be familiar with the different types of boats. While deciding which type of surfboat may not be all that difficult to do, it can seem like a headache for those unfamiliar with boats. Not to worry, though! Luckily, we’re here to help you pick out the best surfboat for your Lake Powell trip.
There are many things you need to think about when choosing which surfboat to rent. It’s not all about choosing the prettiest or least expensive rental, especially if you have certain water activities planned for your trip. You’ll need to consider factors like what you’ll be doing, how many people you’ll be with, and so much more before deciding on a surfboat. To make the process as easy and pain-free as possible for you, we’ve created the ultimate guide to help you decide which boat is best for your adventure!

What to Consider Before Renting a Surf Boat

Before deciding on a surfboat for your trip, there are several things you’ll need to consider first. It’s important to make sure you’re getting the right boat for your activities, which is why you should think about all the factors that go into picking out your wake surf rental. Some surfboats are better than others when it comes to different activities, which leads us to the first thing you think about: what you plan on doing at Lake Powell.
You’ll also need to think about how many people will be on the boat with you and your budget for your Lake Powell surf boat rental. Different surfboats are priced at different rates, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for and what you can afford. Don’t forget to think about the driver experience level of the person designated to drive the boat while out on Lake Powell. Some boats may be easier to drive, which would be better suited for beginner drivers.
Other things to consider are any features you may want your surfboat to have for your day out on Lake Powell, and the size of the boat you desire. If you rent from us at Lake Powell Rentals & Retail or one of the numerous boat rental companies in Page, there will also be the matter of transporting your wake boat rental to the lake.

What Do You Plan to Do on the Lake?

Whether you’re visiting Lake Powell just for a day or spending a few days on vacation, you and your friends or family can take part in many activities. Different activities at the lake will need different equipment. Planning your activities ahead of time will help you know what equipment you’ll need. The same goes for surfboats. If you’re planning to rent a wakesurf boat, then it’s smart to have all your boating activities planned. This will help you easily figure out which type of surfboat you need to rent for your time at Lake Powell.
Before renting out a surfboat, the first thing you should do is decide what you will be doing on the lake while there. At Lake Powell, your options are endless, and you’re sure to find something that everyone in your group will enjoy. Several activity rentals don’t need a boat, like kayaking, paddleboarding, lily pads, and water pedal bike rentals. But think about the activities you want to do that require you to have a boat. Some of those are waterskiing, tubing, and kneeboarding, wake surfing, and wakeboarding.

Waterskiing, Tubing, and Kneeboarding

Waterskiing is an exciting activity that many visitors of Lake Powell enjoy. If you plan on water skiing while at the lake, you’ll need to rent a water ski rope and handle, water skis, and a proper boat. If you plan to go tubing or kneeboarding, you’ll need a similar boat that you would for waterskiing, in addition to renting tubes and kneeboards for the day. The best type of wake surfboat for these activities is one with a flatter hull, lighter dry weight, and some internal ballast. But when you’re selecting a boat for these activities, you’ll want to be sure it isn’t one with a lot of internal ballast.

Wakesurfing and Wakeboarding

If you’re planning on wakesurfing or wakeboarding at the lake, you’ll need to rent out the right equipment (a wakesurf or a wakeboard) and a boat as well. These activities are better enjoyed when you rent a boat that has a lot of internal ballast. This helps to create bigger wakes while you’re wakesurfing or wakeboarding. It’s also important that the boat has a deep-V hull, which will create a smoother ride over the waves.

How Many People Will Be with You?

The number of people that will be with you can greatly affect which type of boat you rent. You will want your boat to have plenty of room for all your friends or family. When you pick out the best boat for your trip, think about the number of people that will be with you. Some things for you to consider are:
  • The boat’s seating capacity
  • The number of adults and the number of children
  • The weight limit of the surfboat
  • If everyone will be on the boat the entire time

Seating Capacity

All surfboats have a seating capacity. If you rent out the cheapest boat option, you may end up getting something that doesn’t have enough seating for everyone. When you’re deciding on which boat to rent, look into boat options that have enough seating for your entire group and the features you need.

The Number of Adults and Children & The Weight Limit

While you’ll need to know the number of adults and children for seating capacity purposes, it also impacts the amount of weight that will be on your boat rental. Be sure to look into the weight limits of the boats you’re interested in—you don’t want to end up with a boat that’s not capable of holding all your friends and family. Find out exactly how many adults and children will be on your boat rental, so you can pick a boat with a weight limit large enough to hold everyone in your group.
You’ll also want to keep in mind that adults require more space than children do. If your party consists of ten adults, you’ll need more room (and a higher weight limit) than you would for five adults and five children.

Will Everyone Be on the Boat the Entire Time?

Perhaps part of your group can only come for half the day, or maybe there will be another boat in your party. If that’s the case, you won’t need to rent a boat to hold everyone in your group. Unless you want the extra space or features, you don’t have to rent a larger boat for your trip.
Consider how many people plan to be on the boat at any given time. Be sure to get a boat that will hold your entire group at its largest. Maybe the adults and some of the older kids want to use the boat for waterskiing or wakesurfing, while the younger kids may just want to play in the lake. If this is the case, try looking into boats that will be large enough to hold the people that will be using it. This can help save you some money that you can use elsewhere on your trip.

How Much Does a Lake Powell Surf Boat Rental Cost?

Once you know how many people your boat rental needs to hold and what you want to do with your boat, you can narrow down many of your possible choices. The question then is how to choose out of the remaining options. When deciding between multiple boat options, the cost is probably one of the first things you compare. The tricky thing about cost is that it can be hard to discern if you are getting a good deal on a good boat or paying for more than it’s worth.
The best way to make sure you get the most out of your boat rental is to:
  • Compare prices between rental companies
  • Find out what’s included in the rental
  • Consider how long you’re planning to rent

How Do Boat Prices Compare between Rental Companies?

Cheaper isn’t necessarily better when it comes to wakesurf boat rentals at Lake Powell. Some boats are cheaper because they’re older or in bad condition. You might not mind if your boat rental is older, but a poorly maintained boat is not worth renting. To save yourself the trouble of getting a lemon of a boat, compare prices between rental companies.
The best way to compare prices is to find identical boats at two different companies, but that isn’t always possible. If that’s the case, look for boats that have a similar weight, engine, and age.
Another way to compare prices is to take a broad look at how much the boat rental company charges. In general, does one company charge more for their rentals than another company? That leads us to another important distinction: what’s included in the price.

What’s Included in the Boat Rental?

When you’re looking for surf boat rentals near you in Lake Powell, it helps to know that not all rental prices mean the same thing. Sure, the price includes the cost to rent a wakesurf boat, but does it include anything else?
Check what each company includes in their boat rental prices. Sometimes rental prices factor in the cost of the boat as well as transportation to the lake, gas, or safety equipment. This price may appear to be more expensive, but it can actually be a more affordable option than paying for everything separately.

How Long Are You Planning to Rent the Boat?

There’s a big difference between renting a boat for an afternoon versus an entire week, and the prices will reflect that. Some rental companies offer full-day or half-day rentals—and you might find that the half-day rentals are more than the full-day rentals. Even if you only plan to use the boat for half of the day, it might be more cost-effective to rent out the wakesurf boat for the whole day.
On a similar note, rental companies often give discounts for longer rental periods. We do this at Lake Powell Rentals & Retail so you can enjoy more time at the lake without worrying about the cost.
Additionally, look to see if the boats you want to rent have a rental period minimum. At our Lake Powell boat rental company, each of our wakesurf boats has a two-day minimum rental, but our pontoon boats do not. If a company has cheaper prices but three-day minimums for their boats, they probably aren’t the best option if you plan to only use the boat for a day and a half.

How Much Experience Does the Driver Need?

Unlike in many other states, Arizona does not require a boating license to drive a boat, which means that most people over 18 can drive one of our wakesurf boats. This is excellent news for anyone looking to rent out one of our boats for the first time, and here at Lake Powell Rentals & Retail, we welcome first-timers! Boating on Lake Powell is an incredible experience, and doable even if you don’t have prior boating experience. Whether you’re a first-timer or veteran boater, however, there are some questions you should ask if you or another member of your group plan to drive a wakesurf boat.

Have They Driven a Boat Before?

The first question you should ask is if your prospective driver has prior experience driving a boat. Driving a boat feels different than driving a car, so you shouldn’t assume that you will automatically be able to handle the task with ease.
Even if the driver has driven a boat before, it’s also important that they consider whether they have driven a wakesurf boat before. Our wakesurf boats maneuver very differently than pontoon boats or houseboats and require careful handling to keep wake surfers safe at all times.

How Comfortable Are They with Learning to Drive?

If your driver hasn’t driven a wakesurf boat or any boat before, that’s okay as long as they’re willing to learn. Learning to drive a boat is like learning to drive a bike, car, or RV: it can be intimidating at first, and a little complicated, but soon feels like second nature.
Because most states require some form of boating license for at least one age group, there are plenty of in-person or online boating education courses you can take. Increase your boat-driving confidence before your trip to Lake Powell by enrolling. Beyond that, it may be helpful to go out with a friend who owns a boat and get a feel for what it’s like. As long as you go slow at first and are not overconfident, you’ll be fine.

Do They Know What to Do in an Emergency?

Despite the many tourists that enjoy vacations here each year, Lake Powell is still a wilderness area that is susceptible to adverse weather. Boat drivers need to understand emergency protocols to keep the boat and its passengers safe from harm. Your driver should know what to do in case of a storm, an injury requiring first aid treatment, and other emergencies

Have They Been to Lake Powell Before?

Lake Powell is a beautiful and unique destination that requires a slightly different skill set from what you would need for a day spent boating on your local lake. For one thing, Lake Powell is massive. It’s also made up of numerous bays, inlets, and canyons, which is one of the reasons that the area is so fun to explore. However, those same things require some navigational and logistical thinking. Familiarity with Lake Powell can ensure that you don’t get lost, run out of gas too far from the marina, or experience any other related issues.

What Boat Features Should You Look for?

Here at Lake Powell Rentals & Retail, we have several models of wakesurf boats available for rent for one day up to a week or more at a time. Unlike some other rental companies in the area, we only carry top-of-the-line watercraft, so you can be confident in the quality and safety of whichever boat you choose to take out on the water.
Each of our surf boats features top-quality design, performance, ergonomics, and style. They are built to glide smoothly across flatwater like Lake Powell to create the perfect wakesurfing conditions. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll fall in love with any of our watercraft. But there are some differences across models, so pay attention to specific features when deciding which boat to reserve.

Specific Wants or Needs

When deciding which boat features are most important to you, it’s helpful to think about the group of people you’ll be with at Lake Powell. Are you looking forward to eating meals on the water? It may be helpful to choose a model with seating conducive to dining together. Are you wanting to make it an all-day party? Definitely choose one with a powerful stereo. Are you beginners just looking to try out the sport for the first time? In that case, the strongest engine might not be a priority for you.
Below are a few of the awesome features you can enjoy on one or more of the wakesurf boats from Lake Powell Rentals & Retail.

General Features

  • Rider wristbands. Rider wristbands from Malibu Boats, the industry leader in wakesurf watercraft, are a revolutionary new technology that gives wake surfers total control of the wave they’re riding, from the size to the length, shape, and speed. This buoyant, hi-res wristband allows surfers to control the boat remotely while communicating with the driver simultaneously.
  • Moveable seating. With moveable benches, you can change the seating configuration of your boat to be just how you like it, whether facing the wake or facing inward for conversation or eating.
  • Plush seating. Boat in luxury with plush seats that offer the ultimate in comfort. These seats are perfect for a full day of lounging on the water.
  • Engine power. Engine power affects the size of waves your wakesurf boat can create. Lake Powell Rentals & Retail offers a variety of levels based on the intensity of wave you’re looking for.
  • Board racks. Watersport athletes and enthusiasts may be interested in wakesurfing, wakeboarding, tubing, or waterskiing—or all of these! A board rack serves as a convenient place to store boards and other gear when they’re not being used.
  • Swim steps. Make climbing back into the boat easy with swim steps. Some boats can even automatically lower and raise the swim steps to save you a step.
  • Sunshade. Opt for a boat with a sunshade if you know you’ll have passengers that are more into lounging than swimming. Sunshades are a great way to keep out of the sun’s direct rays.
  • Misters. The summer sun at Lake Powell can be hot. Though jumping into the water can cool you off, not everyone wants to get in. Help everyone keep cool with refreshing water misters found on the boat’s tower.


  • Cameras. Get a fuller view of what’s happening all around the boat with new front- and rear-facing cameras displayed live on a screen. These cameras let you keep an eye on surfers while facing forward. They also make docking and reversing a snap. You can even record photos and videos from the camera and send them directly to your phone for easy sharing.
  • Touchscreens. No more fiddling with buttons and trying to find the right one. Use touchscreens for intuitive control of your watercraft’s navigation, stereo, and other systems.
  • Speakers. For the ultimate party on the lake, make sure you’ve got a stereo system that can handle all your tunes. Rev up your perfect Lake Powell playlist, connect to one of our boat’s advanced speaker systems, and you’re good to go.
  • Wireless charging stations. Conveniently charge your devices while on the water with a driver command center complete with a wireless charging station.

What Size of Wakesurf Boat Should You Rent?

At Lake Powell Rentals & Retail, we offer a variety of different boats available for rent. We know just how important it is to have a boat rental that can fit all your friends and family members, which is why we have boats for every party size. Whether it’s just you and one other person or you have a group of 10, you can find a wakesurf boat large enough for everyone in your group.
When you select a boat for your trip to Lake Powell, don’t forget to consider these size factors.

What Boating Equipment Are You Bringing on the Wakesurf Boat?

If you’ve rented other items to use on Lake Powell that you’ll store on the boat, you want to make sure they’re not crowding up your wakesurf boat. Will you be bringing a paddleboard? Or maybe a kneeboard, wakeboard, or waterskis? No matter what type of equipment you are bringing with you on the boat, it will all take up additional space. Be sure you have room to store them while also giving everyone onboard enough room to enjoy the boat.

What Other Items Will You Be Taking with You?

During your trip to Lake Powell, you will likely bring some general necessities with you to enjoy your day on the boat. Many of these items might be smaller things that you don’t even think will take up much space. However, small items tend to add up quickly, and can end up taking up more space than you expect. Don’t forget to account for things like towels, sunscreen, drinks, coolers, life vests, and even maps.
Once you factor in everything you’re bringing, all your equipment, and everyone that will be with you, you’ll be able to select the right size boat for your trip. With a little planning, you’ll have plenty of space to store your items and enough room for everyone to enjoy the boat comfortably.

How Will You Get the Wake Surf Rental to the Lake?

If you’re taking a vacation to Lake Powell, chances are that you’re not going to have the necessary equipment with you to get your wake surf boat rental to the lake. However, if you often rent boats, you may already have all the equipment you need to tow the boat to the lake. No matter what the case is, there are some things to think about before the day of your rental.

Who Is Towing the Surf Boat?

If you plan to tow your boat rental yourself, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Do you have the means to get the boat to Lake Powell? If you do have all the necessary equipment, you still need to consider how far you will have to transport the boat to get it to Lake Powell.
However, some boat companies will tow the boat to the lake for you. At Lake Powell Rentals & Retail, we tow your rental boat to the docks at Lake Powell, saving you time and hassle. Even better, our boat rental prices already include transportation, so you won’t have to pay any additional money for us to transport it for you.

What’s Included When Lake Powell Rentals & Retail Tows Your Boat Rental?

You may be wondering exactly what we’ll be doing when we tow your rental for you. In our commitment to customer satisfaction, we want you to know exactly what you’re paying for and what is expected from you when you rent from us. At Lake Powell Rentals & Retail, we’ll take care of everything surrounding transporting the boat.
You can enjoy several benefits when our experts transport your wakesurf boat rental to Lake Powell for you. First, we take away the worry of you having to find a way to transport your boat from our location to Lake Powell and back. We’ll take care of towing your surf boat to the lake, launching it into the water, and even retrieving your boat at the end of your rental period. Our boat professionals will also ensure that your boat rental stays safe and arrives on time.

Everything You Need to Consider for Your Lake Powell Boat Rental

When exploring your Lake Powell surf boat options, there’s a lot to think about. It can feel overwhelming, but we’re here to help make the process easier. Not all rental boats are created equal, so take the time to make sure you’re getting everything you need out of your rental. While you’re looking at different wakesurf boat rentals, don’t forget to consider all the following factors:
  • All the activities you want to do on the lake
  • How many people will be with you
  • Boat features
  • Boat sizes
  • Budget
  • What’s included in the rental price
  • Who will drive the boat and their experience level
  • How you’ll transport the boat to Lake Powell
When you decide to rent a boat for Lake Powell, remember that the best surf boat is not only high quality but can meet all your needs. Just because you rent a high-quality boat does not necessarily mean it will have everything you need for your day at the lake.

Choose Your Wake Surf Rental from Lake Powell
Rentals & Retail

At Lake Powell Rentals & Retail, we offer several high-quality surfboat options to choose from. Each comes with different features and technology at an affordable price. You’ll be able to find something that not only fits into your budget but comes with everything you want. Beyond that, we’ll take care of the hassle of transporting your boat from our property to the lake. When you rent a wakesurf boat from us, we make sure the rental process is easy so that you can spend more time on Lake Powell having fun.
If you’re ready to rent a top-of-the-line surf boat for your trip to Lake Powell, be sure to contact us at Lake Powell Rentals & Retail!
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